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 We can help you with any of the following:

A Simple Will
is a written document which generally designates the distribution of your assets in the event of your death to people or entities of your choice using a simple formula for designation of distribution shares. 

A Complex Will is a written document which makes specific designations of certain property for distribution in the event of your death as well as providing directives regarding other matters of your estate.  A complex will may also create a trust to be instituted in the event of your death.  This document is much more detailed and client specific than a simple will. 

A Power Of Attorney is a written document which appoints one person to act on your behalf in limited or general circumstances, depending upon the specific powers conferred in the document. 

Durable Power Of Attorney a/k/a General Power of Attorney is a power of attorney which essentially allows the designated agent all the legal powers you would otherwise have with some exceptions like drafting a will.

A Limited Power Of Attorney is a power of attorney limiting the powers designated to the agent; for example, if you need someone to act on your behalf at a closing of a house sale or purchase because you will be unavailable, the power of attorney document would specifically state this and specifically limit the power of agency to the specific closing.

Living Will / Advance Health Care Directive 
is a written document directing your family, loved ones and medical providers how to proceed in the event that you become physically or mentally incapacitated.  The living will / advance health care directive may be used to designate your medical treatment preferences or otherwise reject various methods of treatment before the need for same arises.  Many hospitals and clinics now ask you to advise if you have a living will or advance health care directive before you undergo any type of major procedure including surgery.  The most frequent use of this document is to relieve your family and loved ones of the burden of making the very difficult choice of removing you from or continuing you on life support systems.

A Declaration Of Life is essentially that same thing as a living will and advance health care directive but it is used to insure that any and all measures are taken to sustain your life. 

A Trust is a written document describing a relationship created in which one or more persons  designated by you hold certain property designated by you for the benefit and use of other persons also designated by you.  There are many types of trusts which vary depending upon the purpose for their creation.  We can help you determine if a trust would be beneficial for you or your loved ones.

A Revocable Trust is a trust that is designed to be terminated at a time or occurrence of events as designated by the creator of the trust.

An Irrevocable Trust is a trust that may not be terminated by the creator of the trust.

A Spendthrift Trust is a trust that is designed to provide for the designated needs of beneficiaries such as rent, mortgages, groceries, healthcare and education, while protecting the assets of the trust from irresponsible depletion by the beneficiaries.

A Minor Guardianship is a proceeding required for approval of lawsuit settlements for the benefit of a minor when the amount of the potential settlement is valued above $15,000.00.

A Minor Settlement Trust is a trust that is created to protect a minor's assets received from a lawsuit, most commonly in personal injury cases and to ensure that the monies are used for designated purposes such as needed treatment and surgery necessitated by an accident injury.

A Probate is a process which allows the distribution of assets from a deceased party to designated beneficiaries and/or creditors.  There are various types of probate depending upon the value and nature of assets in the estate.


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