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Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

Don't Just Give Up or Give In to Creditors!

Just because someone has sued you for a debt does not necessarily mean that you are an irresponsible or bad person or that you have little or no choice but to give in to the creditor's demands.  Circumstances often beyond a person's control such as an injury, unexpected disability, corporate down-sizing, work hour reductions to part-time so that employers do not have to pay full-time benefits, divorce, death of the primary bread winner, necessary vehicle repairs, medical care, and even dental emergencies, can place a person in a position where he or she is unable to keep up with payments previously made with no problem.  Creditors often take advantage of situations such as these by increasing the interest and penalties to a point where interest and late charges far exceed the amounts ever charged or borrowed. 

This is where we can help you.  We can examine your situation and determine the appropriate defenses that apply to your particular situation.  We work on a contingent basis so if we win, we seek our attorney's fees and costs from the creditor.

Frequently, creditors and agents on behalf of creditors violate Florida State and/or Federal guidelines which were put in place to protect you as a consumer.  If you feel that a creditor has harassed you in any way, you may contact us to determine if they may have violated one of your statutory protections.  If they do, you are entitled to file a lawsuit seeking damages of up to $1,000 per violation from the offending creditor.  All fees and costs are sought from the offending creditor so you pay no costs or fees to us.

Regardless, the consultation is free so you lose nothing by calling us.

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